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​Co​tton Breeding

The world’s best cotton breeders working with the most extensive collection of cotton germplasm, a region-specific testing program and knowledge of what growers want and need, provide the foundation for the Deltapine® cotton breeding program. The results of this unmatched investment in the future of the industry are easily seen in growers’ fields and in the new varieties that are released each year.


  • The Deltapine cotton breeding program leverages a global network to deliver improved yield potential locally. From key regions in the U.S Cotton Belt to Brazil, Australia and India, Deltapine is continuing to drive genetic gains.
  • New genetic material is evaluated by breeders each and every year. Over 500,000 items are evaluated each year.
  • Monsanto’s industry-leading breeding toolkits can be drivers for even higher yield potential. In as little as five years we have more than doubled the program size including field yield plots, marker data points and fiber samples.
  • Efficiency is key to breeding advancements. Seed chippers reduce the bottleneck of collecting tissue from plants by hand and allow us the capability of analyzing millions of cotton DNA samples per year.
  • Our unparalleled investment and expertise in Marker-Assisted Breeding unlocks the potential of Deltapine germplasm and Monsanto traits. Tens of millions of samples are analyzed.
  • Molecular markers are helping to drive genetic gain in cotton for things such as lint yield, fiber strength, drought tolerance, disease resistance, Root Knot Nematode resistance and much more.

Internal Variety Trials​​​​​

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