​Taking it to the field​​​​​​​​​​​​

​Internal ​Variety Trials


Before being commercialized, Deltapine® cotton varieties go through extensive internal testing and evaluation on a regional level. Literally thousands of lines are grown and evaluated in a range of environments.

Cotton FACT Testing: On-Farm Strip Trials

Strip trials help the Deltapine cotton team identify the most promising individual lines being evaluated within each region. During this testing phase, yield performance, fiber quality, agronomic fit and management criteria are evaluated and part of the advancement process.


Water Trials

The Deltapine brand’s commitment to the success of the industry has resulted in variety development that takes water availability into consideration from start to finish. The variety lines being evaluated receive a pre-determined amount of water throughout the growing season in order to test how they perform under various moisture levels.

These trials are located strategically throughout the Cotton Belt, allowing the cotton development team to evaluate new lines in unique conditions and water-availability scenarios. Potential varieties are monitored for vigor, nematode tolerance, yield and fiber quality. The best-performing lines are then chosen to move on to the next stage of evaluation, the NPE program.

Read more about our commitment to water.

After these stages of internal testing are completed, the products are then tested by our New Product Evaluators on farms like yours.

Farmer Variety Trials

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